29 Jul 2012

Clarins Lisse Minute Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch - Primer

Hey peeps,

We are so sorry for not having posted anything in such a long time. Life was so busy and we have been enjoying the wonderful sun in the past week.

Buuuut today I wanted to show you this super amazing primer that I have been using for the past month: 'Clarins Lisse Minute Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch'. I have acne prone skin which gets very oily during the day so that when I put on my make up in the morning it literally has melted away in the evening. I also have very big pores in my T-zone. Very annoying!

In the blogging world the Clarins perfecting touch primer has the status as a miracle product. I had to try this!! I got mine in House of Fraser on Oxford Street in London for 25 GBP. Not cheap and I was a bit shocked when I saw the actual size of the product in the shop as it is tiny. Nevertheless, you only need so little product that it still lasts for a long time (You can see on the picture below how much I used up in one month).

I am using the primer every day and I have been loving it! It is gorgeous! I do not put the cream all over my face but only on my T-zone, mainly on and around my nose and on my cheeks as these are the parts where my skin is most uneven. I put the primer on after my moisturizer and before my foundation. It is also possible to mix it with your foundation but I did not try that yet.

The primer is very sticky but not in a negative way. I find it very moisturizing and it makes my skin feel very silky too. My pores do not disappear completely but combined with foundation and powder they are a lot less visible than without the primer. Plus, for some reason I feel that my skin looks a lot nicer and more even on pictures. It is a must have for me!


1 Jul 2012

Essie Resort Collection 2012

I purchased the Essie Resort Collection 2012 which includes four different colors of Essie nail polish: Sure Shot, No More Film, Pink-A-Boo, She's Picture Perfect.

You can save a whole bunch of money if you purchase the mini collection which includes the same colors but in mini form (5 ml). The mini collection costs 10 GBP and is available for example via ASOS. Because I love trying out new shades I hardly ever finish one nail polish bottle so that the mini collection was just the right thing for me.

                                                                                    photo taken in daylight (sunny)

The first shade I tried out was Sure Shot, a lovely shimmery pink. I find that it is a very warm shade, like a candy. I applied two coats but I thought that one coat was already quite covering. I loved the result, pefect for a warm summer day :)

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