11 Aug 2012

Biotherm – Biopur Starter Kit, Combination/Oily skin

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for not posting for so long, it has been very busy for us both for the past two months. I have been volunteering for the Olympic Torch Relay and straight after I had my graduation ceremony. Now it’s time for me to join the big world of work, whilst Helen will start her postgraduate studies in September. Exciting time for us both!!!

I want to do a quick review on a starter kit I bought from Biotherm. As I was new to Biotherm, I purchased a starter kit from Debenhams for £9.50. The kit included:

-          Purifying Moisturiser 20ml

-          Biopur Cleanser 20ml

-          Biopur Toner 30ml

I didn’t have high expectations when I first purchased the kit. At the beginning of July my skin was extremely oily, the cleanser I was using didn’t help control the oil on my face and as such I broke out a lot.

After two weeks of using the kit, I have noticed that it has helped reduced the appearance of shiny skin on my face. I was extremely impressed with the cleanser and moisturiser and will definitely repurchase. As for the toner, I felt that it was not doing much.

Overall I would give this 4/5

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