30 Mar 2013


I love this product line, Amie. It is free from harsh chemicals and specifically designed for young teenagers and adults with problematic skin. I was looking literally everywhere for the moisturiser because Boots stopped selling them, last summer 2012. After much hunting around, I bought the moisturiser from Superdrugs (can't remember how much I purchased it for, but was definitely under £10.00). I liked how it absorbs quickly into my skin and helps even out my skin tone when applying makeup too. Only downside is that there is no SPF in the moisturiser. Nonetheless, it is one of the best moisturisers I've used, compared to the higher end/premium brands.

Whilst I was doing my weekly grocery shopping at Tescos, there was a promotion on all Amie products (Tesco was just introducing this product range in store last summer 2012). I was super excited and purchased everything: the cleanser, clay mask and moisturiser (again). 

The cleanser lathers well and works nicely in conjuction with the moisturiser. The smell of both the cleansers and mositurisers were not too overpowering at all- it actually helped to brighten up my day lol. As for the clay mask, it was a strong minted smell. It cools down my skin, but I felt as though it was too harsh for my sensitive skin and didn't control the oil well.

If anyone is looking for an afforable yet simple cleanser and lotion, I'd highly recommend Amie! It's natural ingredients really helps to soften and brighten up my skin.  

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