27 Jun 2012

Cute Pyjama Bottoms - David and Goliath Shopping Haul

I recently went to buy new pyjama bottoms and I heard that David and Goliath has amazing ones. So I went to their Covent Garden branch in Central London and bought two: a long and a short pyjama bottom. They have such gorgeous and cute clothing in the shop!

The shorts that I bought is purple and has dancing kitchen equipment on it. It is super comfortable due to the blue elastic band on the top and also the material feels good. I paid around 15 GBP for the shorts.

The second pair of pyjama bottoms I bought has little giraffes printed on the fabric. The color is a mix of yellow, blue and light purple. They were around 25 GBP.

The style of David and Goliath is probably rather childish but I think that is why I like it so much. I mean, how cute are these two trousers?!

My advice is to not buy them too small as then the elastic band might be very tight which is not comfortable at all.
You can buy them here (US) http://www.davidandgoliathtees.com/
                                      (UK) http://www.chicksrule.co.uk/
                                      (GERMANY) http://labelfinder.glamour.de/index.php/label/view/232112

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